How to Make Air Hockey Table Slide Better?

Air Hockey is one of those action-packed games that is played by both young ones and adults. It is best played on an almost frictionless playing surface by two players. In this game, each player tries to strike the puck towards the opponent’s goal. The more slippery the playing surface is, the more action-packed the game would be. Hence, most buyers of air hockey table usually ask the question of how to make air hockey table slide better.

Your Budget Determines the Air Hockey Table You Can Buy

Air hockey tables, however, come in various prices and made. The cheapest air hockey table is just over $70, while the most expensive ones may be priced at around several thousand dollars. Moreover, there are different brands and models of air hockey tables. But you would usually get what you pay for when buying one of these tables. This means that if you are willing to shell out several thousand dollars, you can surely get the best air hockey table available on the market today.

The Need for Regular Maintenance

The answer to the question of “how to make air hockey table slide better,” is “regular maintenance.” Since the game is action-packed and requires constant movement of the puck, the playing surface of even the most expensive table sometimes loses its slipperiness. Hence, to keep the playing surface in its prime condition, you need to regularly take care of the playing surface.

The Less Friction, the Better!

A lot of people who have bought air hockey tables would often ask this question: “How do I keep the playing surface slippery and of low friction?” Well, if you would search online, you would readily read a lot of answers to this question. Some of the answers are salient and helpful, while others are full of crap. So, you only need to sift through these answers and find the wisest and most appropriate one.

The slippery playing surface of air hockey tables is also marked with minute holes. These tiny holes vent out air coming from a motor fan located underneath the table. This airflow provides an air cushion to further decrease the surface friction. This air cushion also prevents the puddles and puck from straying off the table.

Regular Maintenance: Simple Steps!

Regular maintenance, of course, is the best way to keep the playing surface of the air hockey table slippery and almost frictionless most of the time. Regular maintenance includes the following several steps:

  • First, you need to make sure that the fan is turned on before you start cleaning the surface. This is to ensure that the air flow will prevent dirt and liquid from lodging into the tiny holes.
  • Once the blower is running, you should get a soft cotton cloth and dampen it a bit with a mild detergent diluted in water. One caveat, however, is this: you should not use a harsh cleaner or any abrasive that may inadvertently scratch the playing surface.
  • Then, begin to wipe the table top. Take care, however, not to dampen too much the surface. You should carefully scrape off foreign objects, dirt, and spills from the table. You should also clean the whole surface and make it free of blemish as much as possible.
  • Afterward, you should wipe the table again with a clean cloth that is slightly damp. This is to ensure that there is no leftover detergent on the playing surface.
  • Once the playing surface has dried up, you can put a bit of tabletop polish like that of the Wildcat 125 on a clean piece of cloth. Make sure that the fan is still on.
  • Then, wipe the playing table with the clean cloth. You should not over apply polish on the surface because it may clog the tiny holes.
  • As the polish dries, you should get another clean cloth that is dry. Smoothen up the surface with this clean cloth! You should also clean the pucks and paddles to ensure that they are dirt and blemish-free.
  • Once you’re done cleaning the playing surface, you can test the surface if it is almost friction-less by playing a game or two.

The question of how to make air hockey table slide better entails following the abovementioned steps. Yet, this regular maintenance also include cleaning the fan on a regular basis to keep it in perfect condition. This will surely prolong the lifespan of the fan and maintain awesome air cushion for the playing surface. Always remember that there are two factors that contribute to the slipperiness of the playing surface—the material out of which the playing surface is made and good air cushion.

One last thing to remember is this: that you should cover your air hockey table if it is not in use. This will surely keep dirt and dust from accumulating on the table and will prevent accidental scratches on the playing surface while the table is not in use.

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