How to Grill Beets

Effective Ways on How to Grill Beets in 2020

Most people are not even aware that beets can be grilled to bring out their earthly sweetness together with the candied coating and smoky flavor. However, for the few who have already known the spirit of vegetables that comes with grilled beets know exactly the ecstasy feeling. And they have definitely experienced the transformative nature that these roots comes with. Their true sweetness becomes magical especially when they are perfectly grilled.

How to Grill Beets

Grilled beets are very delicious and can be served with any other grilled vegetables platter. If you are among the majority who have not boarded the grilled beet train yet, then chances are that you have never even learnt the different ways of grilling them. Below is the step by step procedure on how to grill beets that you can follow to make crunchy and delicious grilled beets with just a few ingredients such as freshly cracked black pepper, kosher salt, olive oil and aluminum foil.

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  • Prepare and Clean the Grill

Before you even think of starting the grilling process, you should ensure that your grill is sparkling clean. To clean your grill, you can wipe the grill with a clean rag or brush. You can also use the profession grill cleaners to clean the grill before you start the grilling process.

Once you are certain your grill is clean you can sprinkle small amount of olive oil just to ensure your beets won’t stick on the grills and heat the grill for a few minutes. Most professionals prefer the charcoal grills since they infuse the smoky flavor, but there is no harm in using the gas grill.

  •    Prepare your Beets

You then need to prepare your beets. To do this, put your beets in cold running water then scrub off the skin to remove all the cake on dirt. This does not mean you peel the skin of beets. However, remember to cut off the stem about a quarter inch from the beets bottom so that you find it easy to peel them later. Putting the beets on the aluminum foil, sprinkle them with pepper and salt and douse them with a good amount of oil preferably olive oil. Lastly wrap all the beets tightly with the aluminum foil.

  • Grill the Beets Until they Become Tender

To perfectly grill your beets, place the beets wrapped with aluminum foils directly on the grates of your grill. Ensure your grill’s heat is minimum and let the beets heat until they become so tender such that you can easily pierce them with a fork. 

The heating should take at most 30 minutes, but keep in mind that the heating time depends on the size of the your beet. The larger the size the longer it takes to grill and the vice versa. Once you are very certain that the beets are tender, you can then unwrap them carefully and let them cool. You can then remove the skin, if you want.

  • Serve your grilled beets

Finally you can now serve your grilled beets. There are several ways you can serve the grilled beet. First you can serve the grilled beet just as it is. Alternatively you can decide to slice the grilled beets into wedges then you serve. Or lastly you can slice the grilled beats into halves before serving them.

Some people may also decide to do more to the grilled beets before serving it. For instance, you may decide to brush small amount of olive oil on each slice and let them cook in very high heat for about 5 minutes. This process is perfect and important as it will make your beets to boost their caramelized flavor. Moreover it will make your beets to have very beautiful grill marks.


It is important to always note that if you use foil to wrap the beets, you can still get the same results as steaming them or roasting them on the grill. But the results can never be the same as grilling them. If you have not fallen in love with grilled beets yet, you will definitely after trying out this recipe. Follow through this process carefully and you will realize the smoky sweetening power that comes from true grilling. You can also turn the grilled beets into sandwich toppers, salad and appetizers among others.

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